An Exclusive Interview with Anguirus, Hosted by Malachi Pulte!

Malachi: What was your favorite movie?

Anguirus: I enjoyed Destroy All Monsters, because I enjoy working with a lot of other monsters.

Malachi: Do you enjoy working with Godzilla?

Anguirus: I love working with Godzilla! He is a rather friendly monster. He was enjoying himself greatly in Destroy All Monsters. He evolved, later, with one extra weapon.

Malachi: What does your name mean?

Anguirus: It comes from ankylosaurus, and I am a cousin of them. And I enjoy having to be a fairly plain monster.

Malachi: What do you mean by fairly plain?

Anguirus: I mean that I have no really fancy weapons. My weapons are only claws, teeth, a tough carapace with spikes on it, horns, and tusks.

Malachi: Are you still appearing in Godzilla movies?

Anguirus: No. My career ended at Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, my 6th film. I started appearing a lot at the end of the first series of Godzilla films. (There were three series. One of them was very short, with only two films.)

Malachi: What made your career end?

Anguirus: I think that they needed fancier monsters for the new series.

Malachi: Were you always friends with Godzilla?

Anguirus: Well, only in one movie I played his enemy, and he was a bad guy in that movie. It was my first screen appearance, in Godzilla Raids Again.

Malachi: I'm curious about what you eat. You say you're a cousin of the ankylosaurus, and they were herbivores. But you have teeth like a carnivore.

Anguirus: Hey! I hate vegetables! I love meat! We evolved.

Malachi: Thank you, Anguirus! Well, there you have it, people.

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Published 7/18/99.