An Exclusive Interview with Gigan, Hosted by Malachi!

Malachi: Hello, folks! We have with us today Gigan, two-time Godzilla opponent and space cyborg! Well, Gigan, tell us about your first meeting with Godzilla.

Gigan: Well, many people think I first met Godzilla during Godzilla vs. Gigan, but I actually met him when we were in the Toho All-Monster Light Opera Company production of "The Pinafore." I played Josephine.

Malachi: But isn't Josephine a female role?

Gigan: Yes! What do you think I am, a man?! Hmph! I'm so insulted.

Malachi: I'm sorry. Everyone sort of thought you were a man.

Gigan: Really. Just because I'm a monster...

Malachi: Well, what happened in your first movie with Godzilla?

Gigan: Well, I fought with him, and I beat him up pretty bad. I had a chain saw in my abdomen in that film. And I gave Anguirus a good clip on the chin, but he healed pretty quickly. Oh, that Godzilla is so sexy!

Malachi: So, you and Godzilla get along pretty well in real life?

Gigan: Oh, yes!

Malachi: What was the story behind your second film?

Gigan: Well, Megalon was the main monster. I was only a co-star. There was an annoying little boy, and two young men, who were also extremely irritating. An underwater place called Seatopia got mad at the humans because of the nuclear testing. So they sent some agents up, who stole the two main characters' robot, Jet Jaguar, and they sent Megalon up there to start messing things up. Then they sent me when he started having trouble with Jet Jaguar. Then Godzilla came along, and me and Megalon were almost burnt to cinders, but we escaped with no harm. Jet Jaguar looks like Jack Nicholson!

Malachi: How was it working with Megalon?

Gigan: Well, I probably shouldn't say this, professional courtesy and all, but he was a jerk.

Malachi: How tall are you compared to the other monsters?

Gigan: I'm 65 meters, 15 meters bigger than Godzilla.

Malachi: Then you must have fought Godzilla in the first series. What weapons do you have?

Gigan: Well, as I said, I have a chain saw in my abdomen, and I have these nice, big claws. That's all I have to go on except brains. Isn't that sad, a cyborg like me with so few weapons?

Malachi: Well, thank you Gigan.

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Published 8/9/99.