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These are my reviews of some of my favorite and least favorite actors and actresses. Here, you will find information about and links to the featured actors. Any additional information about these actors would be appreciated.

Brent Spiner Singing Brent Spiner:

This is Brent Spiner. He is best known for his role as Data, the android from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Mr. Spiner brings Data to life with his quick, darting movements and continually wide-eyed expression. He is a fun, enthusiastic, and versatile actor who seems to have a knack for landing incredibly choice roles--Data, of course, Dr. Okun (the eccentric scientist from Independence Day), and Gil Godwin, the megalomaniacal, dictatorial director of entertainment on a cruise ship in the comedy "Out to Sea" are just a few of them. Mr. Spiner was born on Groundhog Day, 1949, in Houston. He grew up listening to Frank Sinatra and other (slightly cheesy) singers of the mid to late 1940s, and thus developed a passion for singing 'forties crooner numbers, and has even released his own album, "Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back." He performed on Broadway for a long time before landing his first major TV/screen role as Data.
    What other people think of Brent Spiner: The general consensus on Brent Spiner is overwhelmingly favorable. From all accounts, he is a very nice person in real life; one article in the Brent Spiner Magazine (see links below) states that he seems to be a "genuinely warm and open person." A friend of mine who went to college with him and now works as a stage design professor at the University of Guam tells me that he is "a real nice fellow, and a hell of a good actor."
    I have heard the word "cute" applied to Brent Spiner more that to any other actor, by both men and women, even those who do not find him at all sexy. He is also worshipped by women the world over. Probably both of  these attitudes can be attributed largely to his looks (see picture) and to his most famous role as Data, whose good-natured, gentle and innocent personality is appealing to many people.
    Of course, despite all the good press, there are also those who dislike Brent Spiner. Those who dislike him most commonly accuse him of being "a ham." This might be true, but in Brent's defense, the level of hamminess he uses is always appropriate to the roles he plays. Anyway, an actor is no fun without a little bit of ham. (Picture courtesy of Yayoi's Brent Spiner Fan Page)

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Visit Star Tricked: The Next Perpetration to see full-length radio script parodies of Star Trek, featuring Data as a major character, as well as a couple of new android brothers, and Lore and Dr. Soong, with several hand-drawn pictures that include Data.

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Jonathan Harris (and Billy Mumy) Jonathan Harris: This is Jonathan Harris--not the little boy, but the dashing gentleman in the grey uniform. If you know cheesy 1960s TV, you know this man. He played Dr. Smith on "Lost In Space," and was undoubtedly the glue that held the show together. Dr. Smith was supposed to be a temporary bad guy; the one that shows up once and then gets killed in the next episode. Luckily, the producers of the show were smart enough to realize that killing Dr. Smith would make their show just as lost as the characters in it. Jonathan Harris took Dr. Smith, originally a stock villain, and turned him into an articulate, fretful and scheming character, who was really not strictly speaking a villain. As far as skill and personality are concerned, Harris ran circles around the other actors in the show. Unfortunately, my experience with Jonathan Harris does not extend much beyond what he did on "Lost in Space."
    Jonathan Harris was born in 1914, and grew up poor in Brooklyn. He almost became a pharmacist, but decided to go into theater instead. He had no formal training, but learned almost entirely by watching other actors. He even replaced his heavy Brooklyn accent with a refined and distinguished sounding semi-British accent. He continues to get small roles in various movies today. We suspect that because of his training as a pharmacist, Jonathan Harris probably knew that it would not really be a good idea to use carbon tetrachloride as a dietary supplement, as they did in "Lost in Space."
    The pants from the uniforms used in "Lost In Space" are some of the most ridiculous ever to grace the screen. However, Jonathan Harris actually managed to make these pants look reasonably good. In this picture of Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith, he is unfortunately not wearing those particular pants. (Picture from Joe's Lost In Space Site.)
  What other people think of Jonathan Harris: While there are a good many people who share my opinions of Jonathan Harris, there are others who view his most famous character, Dr. Smith, as a mere annoyance. Some complain that his character should have been bumped off early on, and that he "adds nothing to the show."

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Andie MacDowell:
This is Andie MacDowell. As you can see, she is quite lovely, and she used to be a model for Calvin Klein ads. Luckily, she was able to make a successful break into acting, where she could express her incredible talents. She comes across as warm and charming, and very natural and comfortable. She has a lilting southern accent which, according to, was dubbed over in her first major screen role because it was "too distracting." She appeared as a sweet tempered producer in "Groundhog Day," and as a prudish woman with a sleazy husband in "Sex, Lies and Video Tape."
    Andie in real life describes herself as polite, romantic, and a bit unnerved by her fame. She is very close to her family, and often speaks of the difficulties of dealing with both her family life and her acting career.
    What other people think of Andie MacDowell: Most people seem to have a favorable attitude towards Andie MacDowell, although she does attract her share of negative attention. There is a site specifically devoted to hating Andie MacDowell. It's called "Andie MacDowell: A So-Called Actress." You shouldn't have too much trouble finding it.

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Here are two nicely designed sites about Andie MacDowell, with pictures, articles, filmographies, and links.

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Published 3/29/99.
Updated 4/9/00.
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