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Ain't Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee


Transcribed from vocals by Caroline Johnson, accompanied by Fats Waller, recorded 4/23/1924.
From Fats Waller 1922-1926; The Chronogical Classics, 664.

Once I had a loving daddy,
Just as good as he could be,
But I haven't got a daddy,
He's done gone away from me,
And since he left me behind,
Here's what's on my mind, I find:

Ain't got nobody to grind my coffee in the morning,
Ain't got nobody to serve my breakfast in bed,
My daddy went away
A week ago today,
How'm I gonna find a-
Nother coffee grinder
Who could do my grinding like my sweet man could?

Ain't got nobody to light my brand-new percolator,
Ain't got nobody to heat my oven for me.
When my daddy was around me, he was oh, so good,
He would haul my ashes, even chop my kindling wood.
Ain't got nobody who would love me like my daddy could,
And grind the coffee for me, I say,
Grind the coffee for me!

Oh, my daddy used to love me pretty, I'll confess,
And believe me, he was really different from the rest,
Ain't got no other who could really put me to a test,
And grind the coffee for me, I say,
Grind the coffee for me!

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Published 4/15/99.

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