Heptune presents:Photograph of Don Redman

Ain't I the Lucky One?


Transcribed from Don Redman and His Orchestra, vocals by Harlan Lattimore; recorded October 6, 1932.
From Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1931-1933; The Chronogical Classics 543.

I held her hand and stole her kiss,
We hadn't just begun,
Oh, gee, ain't I the lucky one?

We did this, and we did that,
We did it all in fun,
Oh, gee, ain't I the lucky one?

She didn't say yes, and she didn't say no,
But then I'll confess, she's not a bit slow;

She introduced me to her folks,
And daddy called me "son,"
Oh, gee, ain't I, ah, the lucky one?

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Published 3/18/99.


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