The Online Shrine to my Father, The Great Living Aten: Webpage-en-Aten

A friend of mine wrote to me saying she wondered what a website designed by Akhenaten would be like. I thought this was an intriguing idea, so here it is. Much of the text here is based on actual documents from the Amarna period, as they appear in Texts from the Amarna Period in Egypt, by William J. Murnane.

Charcoal sketch of a bust of Akhenaten by Megaera Lorenz.


Welcome ye to the webpage of the Horus, Beloved of Aten; Two Ladies, Great in Kingship in Akhetaten; Horus of Gold Who Raises Up the Name of Aten; the king of Upper and Lower Egypt who lives on Maat, Lord of the Two Lands, Neferkheperure-Waenre; the Son of Re who lives on Maat, Lord of Crowns, Akhenaten, long in his lifetime, who is on the seat of his father Hor-Aten, manifest on Re's throne of the living like his father Aten every day.

Welcome also from the princess, great in the palace, fair of face, beautiful in the double plumes -- the mistress of joy, at the hearing of whose voice one rejoices; possessor of graciousness, great of love, whose arrangements please the Lord of the Two Lands; chieftainess of the Aten's female entourage, who satisfies him when he rises in the horizon; for whom is done what she has said about anything: the King's Chief Wife, his beloved, Lady of the Two Lands, Nefertiti, may she live forever.


Behold Aten! The Aten wishes to have something made for him as a monument with an eternal and everlasting name. Now it is the Aten, my father, who advised me concerning it, namely, Webpage-en-Aten. No official has advised me concerning it, nor had any people in the entire land ever advised me concerning it, nor had any commercial web designer advised me concerning it, to tell me a plan for making Webpage-en-Aten on this server. It was the Aten, my father, who advised me concerning it, so that it could be made for him as Webpage-en-Aten. Behold, there are no advertising banners, pop-up windows, or watermarks in this place. Behold, it was pharaoh who created it, and it was not provided for me by a free webspace provider, nor did it belong to any God or Goddess nor male or female webmaster. It is the Aten, my father, who advised me concerning it, saying, "Behold, fill Webpage-en-Aten with links, pictures, and information -- a storehouse for everything!" while my father, Hor-Aten, proclaimed to me, "It is to belong to my Person, to be Webpage-en-Aten continually forever, never to show a 404 error or a broken picture, and may the number of hits daily be uncountable!"

Behold, I am making an oath about it, saying:

As lives my father, Hor-Aten--
The beautiful living Aten who began and ordains life,
My Father who is with me in his journey,
My rampart of a million cubits,
My reminder of continuity,
My witness to eternal things,
The one who constructed himself with his own two hands, no craft knowing him;
    The one who makes guidance by rising and setting every day without cease, in the sky or on earth, while all eyes behold him;
    Who has no equal when he has filled the land with his rays, causing every face to live;
    The one at whom my eyes are sated, seeing him risen daily when he rises in the house of Aten in Akhet-Aten, having filled it utterly with himself, with his fair and loving rays.

Because he casts them on me, in life and dominion continually forever, I shall make Webpage-en-Aten for the Aten, my father, on this server. I shall not make it on another server, on another web domain, or on free webspace, but I shall make it in this space on the Heptune domain, through the visiting of which he may achieve happiness and on which I shall offer to him. That is it!

    Nor shall the King's Chief Wife say to me, "Look, there's a nice server offering 20 megabytes of free webspace for Webpage-en-Aten over there with no banners," nor shall I listen to her. Nor shall any officials in my presence -- be they officials of favor or officials of the outside, or the chamberlains, or any people in the entire land -- say to me, "Look, there's a nice webspace provider offering unlimited space free in exchange for one advertising banner on your page," nor shall I listen to them -- whether that other server be Geocities, Angelfire, or any other place but Heptune. I will not say, "I shall abandon this server so that I may hasten and make Webpage-en-Aten in this other nice web domain"; but I will remain in this server, with which Aten himself has wished to be satisfied for ever and ever!

    At Webpage-en-Aten on this server I shall put in a link to my Great Hymn to Aten, which I have written for my father to satisfy him forever and ever.

    At Webpage-en-Aten on this server I shall put in a link to pictures of and introductions to my family members, the kin of myself, The Horus, Neferkeperure-Waenre Akhenaten, long may they live!

    At Webpage-en-Aten on this server I shall put in a link to a gallery of pictures from my reign and an essay about the art which I myself taught my artists, called The Art of the Amarna Period, written by Megaera Lorenz, a scribe of the Aten and friend of the great King.

    At Webpage-en-Aten on this server I shall put in a link to the Akhenaten FAQ, a list of questions and answers about truths, falsehoods and mysteries concerning his majesty's person, and about my family members, long may they live!

    At Webpage-en-Aten on this server I shall put in a link to three essays by Megaera: The Mystery Of Akhenaten: Genetics or Aesthetics? concerning my appearance and how I was created in this form which is like no other, Akhenaten's Family, which attempts to tell of how my family members are related to me, and Akhenaten of Amarna: Eighteenth Dynasty Pharaoh of Egypt, concerning who I am and the deeds which I have done for my father, the Aten, shining eternally, and why I did them. And at Webpage-en-Aten on this server I shall put in a link to The Amarna Royal Family, in which the story of my life and deeds and those of my family members shall be told.

Now, as my father Hor-Aten lives! I have placed a guest book on this page in which visitors to this sacred page may offer up comments in the name of the Aten, living continuously forever on the horizon. Sign this guest book so that my father, Aten, may bless you with eternal life and give air to thy nostrils and rejuvenate thy limbs daily.

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