Heptune presents:
All of No Man's Land is Ours
    (Noble Sissle, James Europe)

Transcribed from Lieut. Jim Europe's 369th U.S. Infantry ("Hell Fighters") Band, vocals by Noble Sissle, recorded March 14, 1919.
From James Reese Europe and the 369th US Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band, Featuring Noble Sissle, the Complete Pathe Recordings - 1919, IAJRC CD 1012, 1996.
Photograph of Jim Europe.
Hello, Central,
Hello, hurry,
Give me four-oh-three;
Hello, Mary,
Hello, Jerry,
Yes, yes, this is me!
Just landed at the pier
And found the telephone,
We've been parted for a year,
Thank God, at last I'm home!
Haven't time to talk a lot,
Though I'm feeling mighty gay;
Listen, sweet forget-me-not,
I've only time to say:

All of No Man's Land is ours, dear,
Now I have come back home to you,
My honey true,
Wedding bells in Junie-June
All will tell by the tunie-tune,
The victory's won, the war is over,
The whole wide world is wreathed in clover!

Then, hand-in-hand we'll stroll through life, dear.
Just think how happy we will be,
I mean, we three,
We'll pick a bungalow among the fragrant boughs,
And spend our honeymoon with the blooming flowers,
All of No Man's Land is ours.
Photograph of Noble Sissle

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Published 1/30/99.


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