Megaera Lorenz's Amarna Art Gallery

This is a collection of some of my Egypt-inspired artwork. This page will probably be slow to load, so have patience with it. You will find some art that is scattered around on my other pages, but I have also included some that I have not published on the web before.

Portrait of Akhenaten
This is the portrait of Akhenaten that I created for my Akhenaten Biography page. It was based on a partial bust recovered from the ruins of Thutmose's workshop at Akhetaten. The medium is pencil.

Portrait of Ankhesenpaaten
This is Akhenaten and Nefertiti's third daughter, Ankhesenpaaten, eventually to become the wife of Pharaoh Tutankhaten/amun. I drew Ankhesenpaaten in dark conte crayon.

Portrait of Ay
This is a portrait of Lord Ay, probably the brother of Queen Tiye and father of Queen Nefertiti. The medium is charcoal. This portrait is based on a plaster bust from the workshop of the sculptor Thutmose.

Portrait of Akhenaten
This is my attempt at a portrait in colored pencil. I am still learning the medium, but hopefully I will have it under control soon. This is a portrait of Akhenaten, wearing a bag wig and a beaded broad collar.

Drawing of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and three princesses dining.
This is a drawing of a dinner in the royal palace. This is a more complex scene than most of my drawings, and I am still worrying out the perspective in this one. An improved, flashier version is soon to come . . .

Portrait of Nefertiti
This is one of my few portraits of Nefertiti. I often get frustrated trying to draw her, and still have not really managed to produce a really satisfying portrait of her. The medium is pencil.

Drawing of Prince Amenhotep

This is a sketch of young prince Amenhotep IV (later Akhenaten).

Reconstruction of the KV55 mummy
I made this drawing by tracing the skull of the mummy from tomb KV55 and then adding flesh to the outline of the skull, so hopefully this is a fairly accurate rendering of what the person would have looked like in life. The identity of this mummy is still disputed. Some believe it to be Akhenaten himself, and others believe it to be his youger co-regent, Smenkhkare. In any case, this young man has a classic Amarna family profile. The medium is pencil on tracing paper.

Portrait of Queen Tiye
This is Queen Tiye, the mother of Akhenaten. This portrait is based on the famous miniature wooden bust of Tiye. The medium is charcoal.

A trio of princesses
This drawing of three of Akhenaten's daughters loosely approximates the Amarna style of art. The drawing is in pencil and ink.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti dancing
This image of Akhenaten and Nefertiti dancing is a sketch for what ended up being a much simpler design for the lesson on symmetry in the basic design course I took several years ago. The medium is pencil. Below is the final version of the design. (My professor kept telling me "Simpler is better!" He liked my final drawing.)

A study in symmetry

Egyptian dancers
This is a drawing I did for my basic design course a few years ago. It was intended to show motion. I discovered that I could create an interesting effect by filling in the outlines of the figures in ink, but doing the shadowing and many of the details in pencil.

Girl rowing a small boat
This drawing was based on a photograph of a young Motu girl rowing a small canoe down a river, and the image seemed remarkably similar to some that came out of Ancient Egypt. I altered the girl's costume very slightly to make her look more Egyptian. The medium is pencil.

Drawing of Akhenaten with feline
I drew this one several years ago. The model for Akhenaten in this picture was actually a photograph of a woman. She was the best I could do for the angle I wanted at the time.

Drawing of Akhenaten in a small boat on the Nile, with ducks flying up from the weeds.
I drew this one when I was about 10 years old, when I had only recently learned about the Amarna period. I had a dream about seeing a carving of Akhenaten in a small boat on the nile, and when I woke up, I sketched it. This was the result.

drawing of Smenkhkare by Megaera Lorenz
This was an early reconstruction of the KV55 mummy, which I did when I was about 12 or 13. I did not actually trace the skull, so the result is pretty different from what I got later (see above).

Drawing of Akhenaten's daughters by Megaera Lorenz.
This drawing of two of Akhenaten's daughters is one of my favorites.

Sketch of Akhenaten dancing by Megaera Lorenz.
This drawing of Akhenaten dancing was another sketch I did when I was 11 or 12. I had just visited Malaysia, and was inspired by the traditional dances that I saw there. I began sketching this picture in the airport, just before the flight home. An old Malaysian fellow was sitting next to me, and he recognized the inspiration for the drawing and became very interested. He even told me the name of the dance that Akhenaten was doing, and also was able to correlate Akhenaten's costume with a traditional type of dance costume!

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