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Aaronson, Irving
Alix, May
Anderson, Ivie
Andrews Sisters
Armstrong, Lil Hardin
Armstrong, Louis
Baccon, Louis
Bailey, Mildred
Bellew, Smith
Bias, George
Big Maceo Merriweather
Bigeou, Esther
Boop, Betty
Brice, Fanny
Broonzy, Big Bill

Brown, Ada Brown, Cleo

Browne, Lillyn

Browne, Sam Brunies, Merritt & His Friars Inn Orchestra Bullock, Chick Calloway, BlanchePhoto of Blanche Calloway Calloway, Cab Cantor, Eddie Carlisle, Charles Carlisle, Una Mae Casa Loma Orchestra Cherwin, Dick and His Orchestra Chevalier, Maurice The Clevelanders Collins and Harlan Coty, Bill Crosby, Bing The Columbians Davies, Ramona Davis, Meyer and His Orchestra Davis, Walter Day, Edith Desmond, Florence Dietrich, Marlene Dixon, Mary Dooley, Phil Dorsey, Tommy Edwards, Cliff Ellington, Duke Erskine, Billy Etting, Ruth Europe, James ReesePhoto of Jim Europe Fitzgerald, Ella The Flamingo Melodians Freeman, Bud Gallagher, Ed and Al Shean

Garber, Jan

Gene Kardos and His Orchestra The Georgians Golden Gate Orchestra Goldfield, Harry "Goldy" Grant, Coot (aka Leola B. Wilson, Leola B. Pettigrew)

Gresh, Earl & His Gangplank Orchestra

Griggs, Frankie Grissom, Dan Hall, Adelaide Hamilton Sisters Hanshaw, Annette Harris, Mamie: see Rosa Henderson

Haymes, Joe and His Orchestra

Hegamin, Lucille Henderson, Rosa Hicks, Edna High Hatters Hill, Bertha "Chippie" Hines, Earl Hokum Boys Holiday, Billie Horne, Lena

The Hotchkiss Dance Orchestra

Howe, Bob Hunt, Pee Wee Hunter, Alberta Hylton, Jack Jackson, Alex Janis, Deane Jaxon, Frankie "Half-Pint" Johnny Dixon and His Orchestra Johnson, Caroline Johnson, Lil Johnson, Lonnie Jolson, Al Jones, Anna Jones, Claude Jones, Wardell Jordan, Louis Jordan, Taft Kane, Helen King, Donald Kirk, AndyPhoto of Andy Kirk Kyser, Kay Ladson, Ruth Lattimore, Harlan Lem, Harold and His Orchestra Leonard, Jack Levin, Lou Lewis, Welcome Linton, Charles Lombardo, Guy and His Royal Canadians Lunceford, Jimmie Lyman, Abe MacMurray, Fred Martin, Sara Marvin, Frank Massey, Billy McCoy, Viola McDaniels, Harry (aka Catjuice Charlie) McDonald, Jeanette McKinney's Cotton Pickers Mercer, Johnny Meyers, Hazel Mills Blue Rhythm Band Mills Brothers Mills, Harry
Mills, Maude Nesbitt, John Oliver, Sy Olsen, George and His Orchestra Osborne, Will and His Orchestra Palloy, Charlie Perkins, Frank "Red" Prysock, Arthur Rainey, Gertrude "Ma" Razaf, Andy Redman, DonPhoto of Don Redman Reeves, Ruben "River" Reisman, Leo and His Orchestra Reser, Harry and his Six Jumping Jacks Rich, Fred Roane's Pennsylvanians Robertson, Dick Robertson, Dick Robinson, Bill "Bojangles" Rogers, Hilda Rosing, Val Ross, Louise Russell, Luis and His Orchestra Sam Lanin's Famous Players Sam Ross Silvertown Orchestra Savoy Orpheans Sissle, NoblePhoto of Noble Sissle Small, Danny Smith, Bessie Smith, Whispering Jack Smith, Willie Spitalny, Phil Spivey, Victoria Stacks, Tom Stell, John Terrell, Pha

Thigpen, Ben

Thomas, George

Thompson, C. Creighton Tompkins, Eddie The Travelers Trumbauer, Frankie and His Orchestra Vallée, Rudy Ventura, Ray & His Collegians Wallace, Ted Waller, Thomas "Fats" Waring's Pennsylvanians Waters, EthelPhoto of Ethel Waters Webb, Chick and His Orchestra Weems, Ted Weston, Paul and His Orchestra White, Josh Whiteman, Paul and His Orchestra Whyte, Zack Wilborn, Dave Williams, Clarence Williams, Midge Wilson, Wesley (aka Kid Wilson, Socks Wilson, Pigmeat Pete)

Yates, Danny and His Orchestra

Published 2/7/99.
Updated 6/2/2002

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