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At the Swing Cats' BallPhotograph of Louis Jordan.


Transcribed from Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five, vocal by Louis Jordan, recorded March 29, 1939.
From Dance Crazy: from the Charleston to the Jive; Past Times, PPCD 78104
From Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five, 1934-1940; The Chronogical Classics, 636.

Come on, get set for the party,
Tomorrow night at the Swing Cats' Hall,
Come on, let them send your body
At the Swing Cats' Ball.

No time to lose, please don't be tardy,
Tomorrow night at the Swing Cats' Hall.
Get in the groove with everybody
At the Swing Cats' Ball.

Some will shag while others drag,
Some will bump while others jump.

Park Avenue will do their swinging,
Tomorrow night at the Swing Cats' Hall,
You can't refuse to join in swinging
At the Swing Cats' Ball.

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Published 12/26/98.


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