Heptune presents:

Billie's Blues

    (Billie Holiday)

Transcribed from Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra, from vocals by Billie Holiday, recorded July 10, 1936.
From Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra 1933 - 1937; Chronological Classics 582.

Lord, I love my man, tell the world I do,
I love my man, tell the world I do;
But when he mistreats me, makes me feel so blue.

My man wouldn't give me no breakfast, wouldn't give me no dinner,
Squawked about my supper and he put me outdoors,
Had the nerve to lay a match-box on my clothes,
I didn't have so many, but I had a long, long ways to go!

Some men like me 'cause I'm happy, some 'cause I'm snappy,
Some call me honey, others think I've got money,
Some tell me, "Baby, you're built for speed,"
Now, if you put that all together, makes me everything a good man needs!

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Published 12/11/99.


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