Heptune presents:

Betty Boop in Bimbo's Express

by Megaera and Brenna Lorenz
    This Talkartoon, produced in 1931, is the eighth cartoon to feature Betty Boop. During the credits, the scenario of the cartoon is set by the song "Moving Day:"

Moving day, moving day,
Rip that carpet up from off the floor,
Take your horse and pack and there's the door!
Moving day, moving day,
Pack your folding bed and get away;
If you've spent every cent,
You can live up in a tent,
It's moving day!

    Bimbo shows up at Betty's door with a horse-drawn moving van. Every time the horse is shown, we hear an instrumental form of the novelty song "Horses." Bimbo is in his most familiar form here: he's a small, cute black dog with a prominent white belly, large white jowls, big eyes, and perky ears. He is accompanied by two assistants, a cat and a hippopotamus. When the actual moving process begins, the horse also assists.
    Bimbo knocks repeatedly at Betty's door, calling, "Does Miss Betty live here?" She makes no move to let him him in, just answering "Yes?" to everything he says. Getting annoyed, he mocks her by imitating her voice. Finally she says, "I can't come to the door right now; I'm in my nightie." He replies, "All right, I'll wait 'til you take it off."
    When she finally lets him in, he looks her over with approval and falls in love.
    They do some fairly mundane moving-day gags: They carry out the bathtub while someone is bathing in it (and play "Singing in the Bathtub" as the instrumental), and carry out the stove while a fire is going in it.
    Finally, Bimbo starts singing to Betty in Maurice Chevalier's voice:

Hello, beautiful!
How'd you get so beautiful?
How'd you get the sunshine in your smile?

    Betty Boop replies:

I'm not so beautiful,
You only think I'm beautiful;
You'll only think so for awhile!

    Bimbo/Maurice replies:

Tell me, are you the kind of baby
Who'll answer yes or no or maybe?

Oh, hello, beautiful,
How can you be dutiful
And still be mother's angel child?

    As the last items (including the staircase) are loaded into the van, Betty hops up into the driver's seat with Bimbo, who asks her where to take everything. "Around the corner," she replies, whereupon everyone bursts into song:

Around the corner, no rent to pay,
And that's the reason, we moved away!

    Overall, this is a fairly dull cartoon, except for the initial exchange between Betty Boop and Bimbo and the song in Maurice Chevalier's voice.

This cartoon is available in the following collection:

The song "Horses" can be found on the CD Harry Reser's Six Jumping Jacks, vol. 1, Old Masters.
Hear Maurice Chevalier himself sing "Hello Beautiful!" on Encore Maurice!

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Published 3/31/99.
Updated 9/19/99.