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Can I Get Some of That?

    (Wesley Wilson)
Photograph of Coot Grant and Kid Wesley Wilson
Transcribed from vocals by Coot Grant and Socks Wilson, recorded February, 1929,
From Coot Grant and Kid Wilson, Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, v. 2: 1928-1931, Document Records, DOCD-5564.

What is it?
Now, give me some of that!
Give you some of what?
Now take your hand out that pot before I cut it off!
Oh, give me a little of that!
Ain't nothin' doin'!

Look here, darling,
What is it?
Don't be mean.
I am mean.
You're fixin' something I ain't never seen.
What I'm seeing, you ain't seein'.
I don't mean any harm,
I'm hungry as a cat.
I want something to eat.
What you think about that?
Can I rest my hat?
Yes, go ahead.
Can I get some of that?
I don't know about that, honey.

I heard you make the best jellyroll.
Maybe I do.
Would you give a piece to a poor old soul?
I'm a beggin' man,
I see you are!
It's plain to see.
But you won't regret what you give to me!
Just a piece of your jelly
No, sir!
To a poor old soul.

I'll cut your lawn
Will ya?
If that's what it needs!
That's what it needs!
And it won't be long,
My work is guaranteed!
I ain't knockin' your man,
No, no, no!
But if he don't satisfy you, just let me know.
I'll cut your lawn
That's what it needs, baby!
Till all the green is gone.

Now, look here, old man,
Don't you talk so much!
There's things 'round here
That you can't touch.
Now if you can do everything that you say you can,
You may be half as good as my other man.
Now if you're able, sit down at that table,
And I'll see about that!

I'm a good watch dog,
And I never bark.
I can smell good cooking even in the dark.
I can eat lean meat,
I can eat fat,
All I want to know just where it's at.
I'm a hungry cat.
I see this!
Can I get some of that?
I don't know about that!

I'll dust your floor.
I'll clean your house.
I'm the tomcat that plays with your mouse.
I'll do all your jobs,
One by one,
I'll do plenty work, some you ain't never had done.
I'll cut your wood
Yes, sir!
If you feed me good.

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Published 9/9/99.


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