Heptune presents:

Can't Fool Me Blues

Transcribed from Louise Ross, vocalist, recorded 12/6/1925;
From: Hokum Blues 1924-1929, The Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order of Ukulele Bob Williams, The Two of Spades, Louise Ross, Danny Small & Ukulele Mays, The Pebbles, Feathers and Frogs, Swan and Lee; Document Records, DOCD-5370.

You think that you are going to get away
With everything that you may do and say;
You've had your fun for years and years,
While I've paid with bitter tears;
But things are gonna change right now,
So listen, let me tell you how:

'Cause you's out last night till half past four,
That's something you ain't never did before;
You talked about your meetin' with Brother Bell,
I heard you's down at Suzie's, raisin'... well,

I just want to get you told,
With your dirt, you sure is bold,
I know you'll pay, that's plain to see,
But listen here, brother, you can't fool me!

Now that ain't all that you done done,
You been cheatin' on me and callin' it fun;
Now, you just keep on foolin' 'round with me,
Gonna take my razor, and cut you down like a tree!

Now, papa, last winter, when it was so very cold,
You acted like you was wild about my jellyroll;
I know you're fine, that's plain to see,
But listen here, brother, you can't fool me!

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Published 11/15/99.


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