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Can't You Wait Till You Get Home

(Frankie Jaxon ?)

Transcribed from vocals by Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon, recorded July 12, 1927.
From Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon, Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, vol. 1. 1926-1929, Document Records, DOCD-5258.
Photo of Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon

I'm gonna sing you a song entitled, "I'm a delicatessen store proprietor, and if you don't smell it, we ain't got it!"

Hannah and Harry decided to marry,
So they went on their honeymoon;
She was romantic,
He was a fanatic,
Why, everywhere that they would go
She would want to spoon;
Now, if he wanted to give her just a little kiss,
She would hand him a line of jive, hmph, would go something like this:
"Ha, ha, oh, stop it, Harry, gracious, oh, don't do that, wait!"

Can't you wait 'til you get home,
Can't you wait until you're all alone,
I love you, Harry, goodness knows,
But, Harry, you know, you're tearing my clothes!
Pull that stuff when you're all alone,
I'll do in the parlor when we get home,
I love you, Harry, you know I do,
Stop that, Harry, I mean you!
Pull that when you're all alone,
Just wait until you get home!

Say, can't you wait 'til you get home,
Just wait until we're all alone,
I'm crazy about you, I see,
Oh, Harry, he-he-he,
Pull that when you're all alone,
Say, I'll love you 'til the cows come home.
Why, I'm crazy about you, goodness knows,
I can't understand you, Harry, stop, oh!
Pull that when you're all alone,
Can't you wait until you get home?

Can't you wait until you get home,
Wait until you're all alone,
Crazy about you, you know it, dear,
I can't demonstrate my passion here!
Pull that stuff when you're all alone,
And I'll love 'til the cows come home,
I love you, Harry, and that's all right,
Wait, you'll get it once, sometimes twice,
In the parlor all alone,
Can't you wait until you get home!

About this recording

This recording was made in Chicago. Frankie was accompanied on the piano by the excellent Blanche Smith Walton.

About this CD:

    The CD includes extensive liner notes by Jim Probaska, and provides us with recording dates, labels (in code, with no key), locations, personnel and time. Unfortunately, Document Records information does not include the names of composers or lyricists unless they happen to be mentioned in the liner notes.

Pieces included on this CD are:

1) Hannah Fell in Love with my Piano
2) If That Don't Get It - This One Will
3) Can't You Wait Till You Get Home
4) I'm Gonna Steal You
5) Willie the Weeper
6) She Got "It"
7) I'm Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me
8) Corinne
9) Hit Ta Ditty Low Down
10) Down at Jasper's Bar-B-Que
11) How Can I Get It?
12) Fan It
13) Fan It
14) My Four Reasons
15) Rock Me Mama
16) Let's Knock a Jug
17) Can You Wait Till You Get Home
18) She's Coming Round the Mountain
19) Get the "L" on Down the Road
20) Don't Drink It in Here
21) It's Heated
22) Jive Man Blues
23) Corinne Blues
24) Operation Blues

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Published 8/14/99.
Updated 9/12/99.


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