Memorandum from the desk of Dean Heptune

To: All Faculty
From: Dean Heptune
Subject: Budget

In accordance with our philosophy of involving faculty in the governance of the University, we are requiring that each academic department provide a series of budget requests to our office as outlined below.

Faculty of each department are to provide four separate budgets:

1) A "dream" budget: This budget plan should list expenses for everything that would make your department a leader in its field.

2) A "maintenance" budget: This budget plan would maintain expenditures at their current levels.

3) A "bare-bones" budget: This budget plan should list the essentials that you need to operate your department and still maintain academic quality.

4) An "emergency" budget: This budget plan should make significant cuts to current operations. It should include only essential personnel costs and maintanance contracts.

All budgets must include detailed costs of all items and services listed, including faculty, staff, and student assistant salaries. For items and services, a minimum of five vendors and their prices must be listed.

Because we understand that most faculty are not familiar with budget and finances, a mandatory workshop called "Balancing the Academic Checkbook" will be held all day this coming Wednesday. All faculty are required to attend. Anyone who cannot attend must submit a Variance Form.

All budgets must be submitted to my office by this coming Friday at 5:00 p.m.


Dean Heptune

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