Office of the Dean

New Course Approval Form

Instructions: Complete and attach this form to all New Course Proposal packets.

Title of course:

Course number:


Proposed semester of implementation:

Action taken:  Approval/Disapproval

Reason(s) for disapproval:

          Course does not meet University mission standards.

          Course description makes no sense to Dean.

          Course does not address Fitness Across the Curriculum.

          Course utilizes guest speaker(s); does not make full use of faculty time.

          Course proposal contains typo(s).

          Course cannot be accomodated within University budget.

          Course proposal submission missed deadlines.

          Course as proposed is not interesting.

          There is no obvious student demand for course.

          The course is for a department that starts with G.

          Faculty member requesting course has filed a grievance against an Administrator.

          Course proposal was submitted on the night of a full moon.

          Margins are incorrect width on proposal.

          Proposal was submitted on substandard paper.

          Course proposal uses future tense instead of present tense.

          Course objectives are listed without bullets.

          Course objectives improperly stated. (For example, "Student will understand..." rather than "Student will         demonstrate an understanding of...")

          Course description uses technical terminology.

          Teaching methods include use of audio-visual equipment by faculty member not cleared for equipment usage.

          Faculty member submitting proposal did not contribute to the University Endowment Fund this year.

Dean's Signature                                                                        Date

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