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    One of the most useless and overpaid employees at any university is the Academic Dean. For this reason, Heptune is providing a free Online Instant Academic Dean as a service to all institutes of higher learning. Using Dean Heptune will enable universities to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and free up top-notch office space that could be better utilized by the people who do the actual work of running the university: faculty, secretaries, librarians, physical plant personnel and other critical staff. Why pay for obstructionism and frustration when you can get it free here at Heptune?

    Now, we know that not all deans are evil. There are some good deans out there. We have met both of them. You know who you are! This website is devoted to the faculty and other university employees who labor under the heel of all those other deans.

    To use Dean Heptune, select an administrative function below as needed.

Dean Heptune's Desk

Financial exigency plan
Fitness Across the Curriculum Program
New course approval form
Policy on rescheduling exams
Variance form

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Dean Heptune was created 12/27/2002.
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