Memorandum from the desk of Dean Heptune

To: All faculty
From: Dean Heptune
Subject: Financial exigency plan

Due to a state of financial exigency arising from the continuing budget crisis, the administration had taken the measure of eliminating all academic programs beginning with the letter G. In keeping with our policy of involving students in University governance, the letter G was selected by lot by the president of the Undergraduate Student Government.

The programs to be eliminated include Genetics, Geo Environmental Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, German and Greek.

All faculty are expected to cooperate with the dismantling of these programs. Faculty in the affected programs are to prepare detailed program reviews in the event that their programs are resurrected, an outcome which we in Administration will do everything to facilitate when funding has stabilized.  Program reviews must be submitted before faculty receive their final paychecks.

Faculty in affected programs may not change the names of their programs to avoid retrenchment.


Dean Heptune

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