Memorandum from the desk of Dean Heptune

To: All Faculty
From: Dean Heptune
Subject: Fitness Across the Curriculum

In our quest as outlined in the University's mission statement to provide academic leadership to our nation's institutions of higher learning, the Administration is planning to implement our new Fitness Across the Curriculum program on a University-wide level. This is a trend-setting, revolutionary program designed to address the fitness needs of all our students.

Details and specifications for the program have been finalized by the Fitness Across the Curriculum Committee, and the program has been successfully tested in the Department of Health and Human Development and the Department of Mathematics. In the interests of frugality in tight budgetary times, we are not sending a copy of the 598 pages of program documentation to each department. Two copies of the document are housed in the Dean's Office, where it can be accessed by faculty members during normal business hours. Copies can be provided to individual faculty members at the faculty member's expense. All faculty are required to familiarize themselves with the contents of the document.

The purpose of the program is to incorporate fitness into all courses taught at the University. To emphasize our focus on fitness, departments must rename their courses and modify their course descriptions in the Course Catalog to reflect the ways in which the courses will address fitness issues. Each department is expected to reformulate its mission statement to accentuate the role of fitness in its program. In addition, each department must create a Fitness Seminar for its Majors.

For an excellent example of the program in action, I suggest that all faculty study the Math Department's course, "Introduction to Mental Aerobics," which used to be called "College Algebra."

Due to tight scheduling which must be coordinated with the next meeting of the Board of Regents, all course and program modifications are due in my office two weeks from now, by 5:00 p.m. Friday.


Dean Heptune

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