Memorandum from the desk of Dean Heptune

To: All Faculty
From: Dean Heptune
Subject: Policy on rescheduling exams

Students have brought it to my attention that some faculty have postponed or otherwise rescheduled midterms and other exams in their courses. This practice has caused great inconvenience to some of our students.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind faculty that the dates of all quizzes, tests and exams to be given must be listed in the course syllabus and given to each student at the beginning of the semester. The syllabus constitutes a contract between professor and students, and can only be modified with the written consent of every student officially enrolled in the course. This includes students on the roster who are no longer attending or who have never attended the course.

If a faculty member finds it necessary to reschedule a test and obtains all the signatures as required, the faculty member must provide make-up exams for any student requesting one, at the time and date most convenient for the student.

I expect all faculty to abide by this policy, keeping in mind the "students first" philosophy at the core of our University's mission. Faculty may find it expedient to plan their semester schedules carefully ahead of time so that rescheduling of exams becomes unnecessary.


Dean Heptune

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