Variance Form

Instructions: The Variance Form is to be submitted by faculty two weeks in advance of any absence from a required function. The form is required for any absence exceeding five minutes. The Variance must be pre-approved by the Dean. A separate form must be used for every Variance.

1. I will be absent from: (check only one)

          my office hours (specify:                                 )

          class (specify:                                 )

          a committee meeting (specify:                                 )

          a mandatory workshop (specify:                                 )



2. Anticipated date and time of absence:


Time: from              (A.M./P.M.) to              (A.M./P.M.)

3. Reason for absence: (check all that apply)



          death in family

          death of self

          bathroom needs

          travel to conference

          scheduling conflict

          medical appointment

          appointment with Administrator

Explanation: Briefly summarize the activities or events that necessitate the absence. Provide doctors' excuse, funeral notice, conference agenda etc. as applicable.

Faculty signature                                                                        Date

Department Chair's signature                                                       Date


Dean's signature                                                                        Date

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