Heptune presents:

Deceiving Man Blues

    (Wesley Wilson, Coot Grant)
Photograph of Coot Grant and Kid Wesley Wilson
Transcribed from vocals by Coot Grant, recorded February 10. 1931,
From Coot Grant and Kid Wilson, Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, v. 2: 1928-1931, Document Records, DOCD-5564.

Try once, and you don't succeed,
Try, try, once again,
I've tried so hard to love that deceiving man of mine,
But now I'm nearly to the end.
And I'm mournin' like a mournin' dove,
From now on, this is who I love:

I love my sister, I love my brother,
I love my father, I love my mother,
But deceiving man, your baby sure don't love you!
I like everything about you, don't like the way you do!

I'm broken-hearted, since we parted,
And I'm leavin' and I'm grievin',
I wonder what in the world have you done to me.
I'm moanin' and I'm groanin', weeping like a willow tree.

You call me honey, you take my money,
And acted funny,
And mistreated me!
You said if I didn't like it, honey, what I could do.
Deceiving man, your baby is all through with you!

You cheated on me, you beated on me,
You treated me mean,
As you could.
Deceiving man, you don't mean me no good.
You better watch your step; you too old to do the things you should.

I'm cryin', you've been lyin',
Said you loved me,
When I turned your head.
Said if I didn't like it, I know what I could do.
I don't wish you no bad luck, but I wish that you were dead!

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Published 9/17/99.


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