Heptune presents:Photo of Don Redman

Doin' What I Please

    (Fats Waller, Andy Razaf)

Transcribed from Don Redman and His Orchestra, vocals by Don Redman; recorded October 6, 1932.
From Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1931-1933; The Chronogical Classics 543.

I'm staying single,
Conscience at ease,
I'm free to mingle,
I do what I please!

When I'm out late nights,
No one has my keys,
Yeah, I keep my dates nights
Doin' what I please.

You know, I don't have no starved waters, (?)
Because they keep you on the shelf,
And I ain't takin' orders,
So I just go along enjoyin' myself.

Should I go sailing
'Cross the seven seas?
No one can stop me,
Doin' what I please!

You know I have romances,
Just like a dog has fleas,
And I take in all the dances,
That's because I do what I please.

I blow in at these parties,
Just like a reckless breeze;
I outsmart all these other smarties,
Because I do just what I please.

You know, where there's no action,
You'll find that there's blues about,
And I get my satisfaction
Only when I'm steppin' out.

And whenever I get tipsy
Out at one of these jamborees,
No one can stop me,
'Cause I do what I please!

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Published 3/18/99.


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