The Fart Thesaurus

compiled by Brenna Lorenz



Other words for flatus: the nouns: the gas, the product itself, the sound, the types.

aerosolized stool (contributed by Barb F.)
after dinner mint (contributed by MW)
aftershocks (small farts that emerge after a large one - contributed by Cory)
air attack (contributed by Hambone)
air biscuit (contributed by IFlatulant)
air monkey (contributed by ILuvDAC)
air pigeon (contributed by Darivian)
air poop (contributed by Tony)
almond toast (contributed by ifartoften)
anal acoustics (contributed by Hambone)
anal escape of wind
anal exhale (contributed by umrox)
anal emissions
anal oxide
anal retreat (contributed by Hambone)
anus evacuation (contributed by SobrXSot)
Arkansas barking spiders (contributed by DrtTweekr)
ars musica
arse blast (contributed by WT of Scotland)
ass dropping (contributed by Dan S.)
ass flapper (contributed by Chris of Texas)
atmosphere of Uranus
backblast (contributed by Craig T.; the "backblast area" is where the fart can be detected; upon dissipation of the odor, one can announce "Backblast area all clear!")
backdoor trumpet
back draft (contributed by Steve R.)
back end blow out (contributed by PolarBare4)
bae (Danish - contributed by Casper)
barking rats
barking spiders
barley boast (a beer fart -- contributed by ifartoften)
bean bombers (contributed by Phil W. and Pat N.)
bean fumes (contributed by Chris(Topher))
beaver leaver (contributed by Hambone)
beer fart
belching clown (contributed by Hambone)
big spit-up (contributed by Acemantsb)
bilabial fricative
bingo (contributed by Anne)
blampf (contributed by Zack W.)
blanket bomb (contributed by ifartoften)
blare-ass (contributed by Spider J.)
blinking browneye (contributed by brakthejedi)
blow-by (a fart that smells especially awful because it blew by a turd - contributed by Jane of NC)
blow fish
blue angel (ignited fart)
blue bomber
blue darts (ignited fart -  contributed by Ghoul)
blurp (contributed by Snoopidog)
bologna sandwich essence
boomper letters
booty bomb (submitted by Nsanedane)
bork (the sound made by a fart when you press down in the bathtub - contributed by DeSmReed)
bottom burp
botty burp (England - contributed by Chris, Chedi Master of Derby)
botty cough (England - contributed by Chris, Chedi Master of Derby)
bram (Welsh - contributed by Merlyn)
bratwurst bugle (contributed by ifartoften)
bratwurst butt belch (contributed by brakthejedi)
brewer's fart (grains and all!) (from an 1811 slang dictionary, contributed by  FOX)
brown air biscuit (contributed by Ernie C.)
brown-body radiation
brown haze
brown mist
brown speckled mallard (a misty fart)
brownster (contributed by Craig1573)
brun canard
bubbling acid (contributed by ifartoften)
buck snort or bucksnort (a particularly loud fart - contributed by Brandon of Shreveport and Ech T.)
bull snort (contributed by ThetaGravy)
bum and flutter
bung blast (submitted by Nsanedane)
bunghole buzzer (contributed by Ernie C.)
bunsen burners
burp that went astray
burp that comes out the wrong end
butt bark (contributed by ifartoften)
butt bomb (contributed by Ernie C.)
butt bongos (contributed by ifartoften)
butt breather (contributed by umrox)
butt burps (contributed by the Robinsons)
butt cheek bubbles (farts emitted underwater - contributed by casey m.)
butt cheek squeak (contributed by Pookie)
butthole blowout (contributed by brakthejedi)
butt moose (contributed by D.W.A.)
butt mutt (contributed by Hambone)
butt trumpets (a rumblimg, bubbling trumpet-sounding fart - contributed by S.MO.)
butt wind (contributed by Chris of Texas)
cabbage captivator (contributed by ifartoften)
can o' chedder (contributed by Craig1573)
carpet creeper (contributed by Steve R.)
case of swamp ass (contributed by Bazzbull)
Chanel No. 2 (contributed by ifartoften)
cheese toasty (contributed by Craig1573)
chemical warfare (contributed by Wyld-Side)
chert (Palauan)
chili killy (contributed by ifartoften)
chold (Palauan)
chou pi (Chinese for "stinking fart" - contributed by George S.)
chunder (contributed by Tony of Belfast)
churchhouse creepers
Cincinatti cyanide (contributed by ifartoften)
colon calamities (contributed by PLIC2K)
colon cologne (contributed by Tod G.)
cooked cauliflower cocktail (contributed by ifartoften)
cornhole tremor (contributed by Nukiks)
crack rattler (contributed by Ernie C.)
crepidus (Latin - contributed by Chris V.)
crunchy frog
cushion creepers
cyanide substitute (contributed by ifartoften)
davebrok (a stop-and-go kind of fart - contributed by Skeetkix)
death poot (contributed by meg)
deer grunt (contributed by BassMaster4684)
deer snort
dej (Danish - contributed by Casper)
desert varnish (a wet fart)
dirt road dust (contributed by ifartoften)
doofu (Oromo of Ethiopia - contributed by Reed)
doozer (contributed by Snoopidog)
doozy (contributed by Hambone)
double flutterblast (contributed by gallagher)
drig (Armenian -- contributed by PorschFrk)
drive by (contributed by EMINEMIllI)
duck call (contributed by BassMaster4684)
Dutch oven (farting in bed and pulling the covers over one's head to smell it - contributed by Janice M.)
eggy whiffo (a particularly sulfurous emission - contributed by Stiv)
EPA red alert (contributed by ifartoften)
essence of Emeril (contributed by Mesdabom)
essence of the anus (contributed by TrollForce Programming Team)
evacuation siren (contributed by ifartoften)
excreted gas
explosion between the cheeks
extreme fumagatory essence
fang pae (Chinese - contributed by PGotelli)
fang pi (Chinese - contributed by George S.)
fanny beep (contributed by Phil W. and Pat N.)
fanny bubble (contributed by squall5)
fanny halitosis
fart combo (2 or more farts made within 5 seconds of each other - contributed by red arse)
fartrogen dioxide (1940s era term - contributed by Rick Taylor)
Fartvergnugen (based on Volkswagen's slogan: fahrvergnugen, "describing a pleasurable experience - contributed by Jordan B.)
fat lady delight
fecal clouds (contributed by Nukiks)
fickle fuzz (contributed by Spider J.)
fing (Hungarian - pronounced "feeng" - contributed by BOOTS)
fire in the hole (an ignited fart - contributed by Hambone)
fizz (contributed by CS Rondeau, Spider J.)
fizz-fuzz (contributed by CS Rondeau)
fizzy fuzz (contributed by Dick R.)
flame throwers
flaming cornhole (contributed by JAG)
flatulencia (Spanish)
flooper (contributed by Phyllis)
flutterblast (contributed by Ernie C.)
fly breaking the sound barrier (contributed by Smoopuppy)
foo-foo (contributed by Hambone)
foyon (Puerto Rican Spanish slang for a loud, smelly fart - contributed by Jeannie H.)
frump (an underwater fart -- contributed by Yellybrat)
Furz (German -  contributed by Gray)
fuss (Lebonese) (contributed by james)
the fuzz (contributed by CS Rondeau, Spider J.)
the fuzz=fizz (contributed by CS Rondeau)
gastronomical reprocussion (contributed by Lisa)
General Colon Bowel barking commands (contributed by Hambone)
gooz (Persian - contributed by Armond)
gross wind
grosse humours
gou pi (Chinese for "dog fart" - contributed by George S.)
grounds for divorce (contributed by ifartoften)
grunghee (contributed by Deego)
ham slam (contributed by ifartoften)
hanger ("the killer that emerges the morning after two days of drinking and permeates everything, making whatever room you were in unusable for at least half an hour" - contributed by Rob C.)
he (Japanese - pronounced "hay" - contributed by Jarrod)
Hershey Park (the atmospheric area occupied by a fart - contributed by pooeater)
Hershey splert (fart accompanied by a tad of diarrhea - contributed by BoB)
Hershey smoke (contributed by ifartoften)
hole in the wall gang (multiple farts - contributed by Hambone)
honksa (Choctaw - pronounced "honk-sa" -- contributed by Thrashforever)
hot wind (contributed by BLCO7)
Hun Futza (German for "dog fart" - contributed by DrummerDanDogg)
hurricane (contributed by Ryan)
hydrogen bombs
ignimbrite (ignited fart)
Japanese barking beetles (term used by servicemen stationed in Japan - contributed by Rob A.)
Jersey torch (ignited fart, from the movie "IQ" - contributed by Barb F.)
jetwash (from Top Gun - contributed by ThetaGravy)
jockey jelly (contributed by ifartoften)
kabooms (farts that hurt - submitted by Cpt. BooBerry)
kanala (Danish - submitted by Mary S.)
lactose liberation (contributed by ifartoften)
laughing ass (contributed by Wyld-Side)
the leather cheerio bark (contributed by Zack W.)
lort (Danish - contributed by Casper)
love puff (England - contributed by Chris, Chedi Master of Derby)
low flying geese (contributed by DjMightyMike)
low flying jets (contributed by TUTS314)
machine gun sound effects (contributed by ifartoften)
massive vapor of butt gas (contributed by Pittimunga)
message from the interior (contributed by Steve R.)
misdirected burp
Missouri mud ducks (contributed by Deb)
moon beam (contributed by Hambone)
morning thunder
mouse (contributed by Phyllis)
mousie squeak
mudslapper (contributed by Spittoon)
mush (contributed by Snoopidog)
musical butt (contributed by Ubu3)
the nether belch
nicotine stains in the Hanes (contributed by ifartoften)
nitrogen nerve gas (contributed by ifartoften)
nuée ardent (a hot fart that rolls down the leg burning off all the hairs in its path)
nwonk (a fart that sounds like a trumpet - contributed by desi42187)
one-cheek sneaks
paad (Hindi - contributed by Sandeep K.)
pants geese (contributed by Zack W.)
pants puffer (contributed by Ernie C.)
passed flatus
passed gas
pedo (Spanish)
peido (Portuguese -contributed by Rafael G.P.)
peo (Spanish, used in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Latin American regions - contributed by  Ancsea)
pet (French)
petard (contributed by Pitdeolive)
pip (contributed by andymac)
poelse (Danish - contributed by Casper)
poodles  (contributed by stephalbert)
poof (contributed by Hambone)
poofume (contributed by andymac)
poo gas (contributed by HeMan)
pooh noise (contributed by Amanda J.)
poop fumes (contributed by SPC)
poop without the mess
poopy tunes (contributed by brendan)
poot (contributed by Snoopidog)
pooty pants (contributed by Rz)
popcorn fart (a dry fart) (contributed by IFlatulant)
pop tarts
power poof (contributed by Hambone)
preets (contributed by Jetdogy)
prison break (contributed by Hambone)
proot-proots (French - contributed by DD Ramsey)
prootsie (contributed by Jetdogy)
prut (Danish - contributed by Casper)
pudd (Punjabi - contributed by Sandeep K.)
puk (Russian - pronounced "pook" - contributed by Gray)
pum  (Portuguese -contributed by Rafael G.P.)
purple clouds (as in "I can't smell nothin' but them purple clouds is sho stingin my eyes!" - contributed by Chris H.)
putt-putts (contributed by Agnes)
queef (vaginal fart)
queve (a frontal emission from a woman - contributed by Rz)
rambunctious rectum (contributed by PLIC2K)
rames (Palauan) (specifically a high-pitched, long, drawn-out fart)
rare arse (quiet, undulating gentle sound - contributed by Ron C., from father's Royal Navy terms)
rattler (contributed by Dick M.)
rectal turbulence (contributed by Randy C.)
rectum roar (contributed by Ernie C.)
ringo (contributed by Stiv)
ringtailed roarer (contributed by Ron C., from father's Royal Navy terms)
rip ass (contributed by DrummerDanDogg)
ripship (contributed by Spider J.)
the ripshit (contributed by CS Rondeau)
ripskin (contributed by the Ripskin Club)
road pizza perfume (contributed by ifartoften)
roevgas (Danish - contributed by Casper)
rump ripper (contributed by Ernie C.)
rup rap (diarrhea propelled by flatus - contributed by Tony of Belfast)
the scented scream (contributed by Zack W.)
scheet (Dutch)
seam squirrels (contributed by avernus)
shit fumes (contributed by SPC)
shit propellant
shit vapor (contributed by Anderson G.)
shit without the mess
silent but deadly (SBD)
silent but violent (SBV) (contributed by Acemantsb)
silent depth charge (contributed by M.L.G.)
silent killer (contributed by ifartoften)
silent spadily
sitter air (contributed by Kevin and Carol O.)
skag (contributed by Bill J. and Matt K.)
skid (Danish - contributed by Casper)
skidmarks in the shorts (contributed by ifartoften)
smelly jelly (a wet fart - contributed by Rz)
smell-o-rama (contributed by Hambone)
smelts (contributed by Hambone)
smoke rings from behind (contributed by ifartoften)
smoofer (contributed by C. Whisman)
snak (in the bathtub)
S.O.D. (stench of death) (contributed by Wacankiyopi)
some asshole behind you talking shit (contributed by DrtTweekr)
sound spadily
soytoy (contributed by Mark Z.)
space shuttle launch (contributed by ifartoften)
sphincter whistle (contributed by Nukiks)
sphincturbulence (contributed by Hambone)
squiffer (submitted by Nsanedane)
stainer (contributed by Snoopidog)
stale wind (contributed by pdmetcalf)
stench of death (contributed by Craig)
stinker  (contributed by Heather)
surprise (a fart with a lump in it - contributed by K. Fisher of Virginia)
svaerd (Danish - contributed by Casper)
taco torpedo (contributed by ifartoften)
talking pants (contributed by Zack W.)
tear arse (loud, disturbing sound - contributed by Ron C., from father's Royal Navy terms)
tear ass (contributed by CS Rondeau)
telegram (a message that poop's on its way - from Proud Farter of Australia)
terminal flatulence
terminal velocity flatulence
three tone fart (contributed by Acemantsb)
thunder below (contributed by CAP1SGT0)
thunder dumpling (contributed by Ernie C.)
thunder in the buns
tonage (contributed by Acemantsb)
toop (contributed by Rz)
tooters (contributed by Winters)
toot-toots (contributed by Winters)
trail fart (a fart that follows the farter - contributed by Jeremy C.)
triple flutter blaster (contributed by Tobytalks)
triple thunder flutter
trouser cough (contributed by Price)
trouser trumpet
trump (England - contributed by Chris, Chedi Master of Derby)
turtle (contributed by Tabitha)
tushie belches (contributed by Mensa)
tush tickler (contributed by Ernie C.)
underpants lion (contributed by Zack W.)
veirnt (contributed by Savage897)
Victoria's Secret's worst nightmare (contributed by ifartoften)
vind (Danish - contributed by Casper)
voice of the toothless one (contributed by Jimmy K.)
warp drive (contributed by Tom)
wet fart (contributed by Mr. Gimpster)
wet one
White Castle's revenge (contributed by ifartoften)
whootzie (contributed by DrummerDanDogg)
wind beneath the cheeks (contributed by Tom R.)
wind breakage (contributed by Kevin and Carol O.)
windy pops
yelping spider (contributed by babybuddha)
zephyr (contributed by BLCO7)

Other words for flatulating: the verbs: the process, the act.

bake breeze biscuits (contributed by John K.)
bake brownies (contributed by digitaIlll)
bend a valve (contributed by Steve R.)
blow ass (contributed by BassMaster4684)
blow dirt (contributed by HimAgn)
blow dust (contributed by HimAgn)
blow a fart
blow a gasket (a wet one -- contributed by Steve R.)
blow kisses (contributed by AimDoin)
blow mud (contributed by HimAgn)
blow one's O-ring (contributed by LittleDavid)
blow smoke
blow the sparkplugs
boff (England - contributed by Chris, Chedi Master of Derby)
break the seam (to pass gas with high velocity or large volume) (contributed by Warren via Julie)
break wind
buang angin (Indonesian)
bust a grumpy (contributed by pooeater)
bust ass (contributed by Nettybugs)
butt yodeling (contributed by Mary S.)
chemold (Palauan)
clear one's throat
cleft a boofer (contributed by Steve K.)
colon bowlin' (contributed by Hambone)
cook eggs
couper le fromage (French)
crack ass (contributed by squall5)
crack the ripper (contributed by brakthejedi)
crop dusting (submitted by Bert of Lubbock) (refers to dropping one while walking past people)
cut a gasser
cut a melon
cut chedder (contributed by Craig1573)
cut muffins (contributed by digitaIlll)
cut one
cut the cheese
cut the provolone
deal one
demonstrate Boyle's Law (contributed by ifartoften)
dot'dot (Chamoru)
draw mud from the bottom of the pond (for wet farts - contributed by ThetaGravy)
drop ass (contributed by Dan S.)
drop a cookie
drop a fart
drop a ringo (contributed by Stiv)
drop a rose
drop one (contributed by IRISHGERRY)
drop one's guts (England - contributed by Chris, Chedi Master of Derby)
effluviate (rural Pennsylvania - contributed by Mike F.)
emit a fart
erupt one (contributed by Craig)
execute one (Australian - contributed by Shaun)
fart like a popcorn machine (contributed by SimplyLucy)
fessa (Egyptian Arabic - contributed by Tarek)
float an air biscuit (contributed by IFlatulant)
flutter the sheets (contributed by Pedge)
furzen (German -contributrd by Gray)
fuss (Lebonese) (contributed by james)
get expelled from stool (contributed by Hambone)
grunt (contributed by Ell & Mike)
guff (contributed by Ell & Mike)
heiny burp (contributed by UsKissels)
he o koita  (Japanese for "rip a fart" - pronounced "hay o' koyita" - contributed by Jarrod)
here comes Freddie
Jag fis (Swedish for "I farted" - pronounced "yaw fees" - contributed by Slappyf)
kentut (Indonesian)
kill the canary (contributed by Malachi of Guam)
launch a wifter (contributed by Hambone)
lay a fart
lay a jellybean (contributed by Toni of California)
let a toot out the shoot (contributed by Ron J.)
let a windy (contributed by Tom H. Jr.)
let fly a fart
let Freddie out of jail (contributed by Louie "Poohy" Oster)
let Fred out (contributed by Ernie C.)
let one
let one rip (contributed by ifartoften)
let wind fly (contributed by Kristen)
make a bingo (contributed by Anne)
make a stink
make cheese
make methane
make some underleg noise (attributed to Ren of Ren and Stimpy; contributed by Maria)
make the sheets flutter (contributed by Pedge)
ot'ot (Tagalog)
pass gas
peidar  (Portuguese -contributed by Rafael G.P.)
peter (French)
play the butt trumpet (contributed by dean)
pollute the atmosphere
pop corn (contributed by Missyjags)
pop off (contributed by andymac)
pritz (contributed by BOND0069)
pukat (Russian - pronounced "pookat" - contributed by Gray)
queimar a bota  (Portuguese -contributed by Rafael G.P.)
refine shit particles (contributed by andymac)
release intestinal gases
ringo (contributed by Stiv)
rip ass (contributed by BassMaster4684)
rip one
rip the canvas (contributed by andymac)
roar from the rear
shit the bed (contributed by Phil W. and Pat N.)
shoot bunnies (contributed by Grim's mother)
shoot the breeze (contributed by Tom R.)
sink my battleship (contributed by MoonLily88)
sneeze in one's pants (contributed by BajaMerc200)
spider's barking (contributed by TamieToo)
spill one's guts (Australian - contributed by Wayne)
split the seam (to pass a small but signficant amount of gas) (contributed by Warren via Julie)
start a Harley (contributed by Steve R.)
start the engine
step on a duck (submitted by Tina J.)
step on a frog
step on a fart snake
stink out loud
stomp on the barking spider (contributed by ML)
strike mud (contributed by Cuda2 of Georgia)
strip a gear (contributed by Steve R.)
supply it
taint ripper (your taint in that little piece of skin between your ass and your whatsit?
  It taint ass and it taint whatisit - contributed by Mary S.)
vent (contributed by Mosh6674)
winden laten (Dutch)

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