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Fifty-Second Street

    (Cahn, Chaplin)

Photo of Andy Kirk

Transcribed from Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, vocal by Harry Mills, recorded December 9, 1936.
From Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, 1936-1937, Chronological Classics vol. 573.

It was just a normal street
Till it got that off-time beat;
Now it's a place where the swing cats meet,
Fifty-Second Street!

It's an endless whoooh,
Where the torrid trumpets blow,
It's quite a thing when you're feeling low,
Fifty-second Street!

Debutants arrive there and start rockin',
Make it their rendevous,
Though their swing is absolutely shocking,
The mamas ain't blue because the mamas swing, too!

It's a world set apart,
It's where swinging got its start;
It's like the beat of a swingin' heart:
Two blocks from Fifty,
You'll find the lifty
Fifty-Second Street!

It's a world that's set apart,
It's where swinging got its start;
Not ten, twenty, thirty, forty,
Fifty-Second Street!


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Published 10/2/99.


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