Heptune presents:

A Fine Romance

    (Fields, Kern)

Transcribed from Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra, from vocals by Billie Holiday, recorded September 29, 1936.
From Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra 1933 - 1937; Chronological Classics 582.

A fine romance, with no kisses,
A fine romance, my friend, this is!
We should be like a couple of hot tomatos.
But you're as cold as yesterday's mashed potatoes.

A fine romance, you won't nestle,
A fine romance, you won't wrestle,
I might as well play bridge with my old maid aunts,
I haven't got a chance.
This is as fine romance!

A fine romance, my good fellow!
You take romance, I'll take jello.
You're calmer than the seals in the Arctic ocean,
At least they flap their fins to express emotion.

A fine romance, with no quarrels,
With no insults, and all morals,
I've never touched the crease in your blue serge pants,
I never get the chance.
This is a fine romance!

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Published 12/18/99.


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