Heptune presents:

Get Off With Me

    (Wesley Wilson, Coot Grant)
Photograph of Coot Grant and Kid Wesley Wilson
Transcribed from vocals by Coot Grant and Wesley Wilson, recorded February 10. 1931,
From Coot Grant and Kid Wilson, Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, v. 2: 1928-1931, Document Records, DOCD-5564.

I know a man by the name of Jack Frost,
Originated the dance they call "Gettin' Off."
Every night about half past twelve,
You can hear all the pretty gals yell:

Get off with me,
Honey, bend your knee!
Don't get too strong,
'Cause you can't last long
Gettin' off with me!

Jack goes home and want to be alone;
Can't sleep a wink for the telephone.
Takes the receiver in his hand,
Here's the words he heard from Mary Anne:

Get off with me,
Honey, bend your knee!
The music's good and hot
It really takes the spot!
Gettin' off with me!

I heard Dirty Clothes said to Gold Dust Twin,
You ain't been around since the lord knows when.
Gold Dust began to make a fuss;
I heard Dirty Clothes out in the tub:

Get off with me,
And I'll let you be,
I hate to hurt
You poor little dirt,
Gettin' off with me!

Jack takes a gal to a Lindberg Hop,
They danced so rough till they made her stop.
She fell down; they made her go home,
Because she didn't have the right clothes on,

Get off with me!
Honey, bend your knee!
She looked so swell
On the day she fell,
Gettin' off with me!

There's a dancing deacon live next door to me,
He just at the age of sixty-three,
Whenever I get up around the break of day,
I heard the old lady when she say,

Get off with me,
Honey, bend your knee!
Be careful, old man Jack,
Don't hurt your back,
Gettin' off with me!

Mr. Buren said to Lizzie Ford one time,
"Ain't seen you 'round in a long, long time."
He lift up Lizzie's hood,
And say, "Your engine sure look good!"

Get off with me,
Honey, bend your knee!
Don't go too fast
Or you'll lose your gas
Gettin' off with me!

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Published 9/17/99.


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