Heptune presents:

Hard Luck Blues


Transcribed from vocals by Edna Hicks, 12/23;
From Edna Hicks, Hazel Meyers, Laura Smith: Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, vol.2: 1923-1927; Document Records, DOCD-5432

I'm simply busted,
And I'm blue,
'Cause I'm so down and out;
I'm just disgusted through and through;
Here's what it's all about:

I loved a man; his name was Jimmy.
Born down in Alabam;
He always had a hand full of gimme,
A mouth full of "thank you, ma'am."
Hard luck, bad luck, just seems to follow me around.
Hard luck, bad luck, seems to follow me around.
And it seems to keep me falling out and down.

Black cat, old cat,
Passed me by Tuesday, too,
Black cat, old cat,
Passed me by Tuesday, too,
Guess that's why I'm troubled, worried with these bad luck blues.

Published 7/26/99.

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