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    (Sherman - Tucker - Moore)

Transcribed from Earl Gresh & His Gangplank Orchestra; recorded 9/22/25.
From: Can't Help Lovin' That Man; Art Deco Columbia Legacy CK 52855.

"What? You won't go? You'll go when the wagon comes!"
"All right! We'll go!"

Oscar was a young cake-eater,
No one is sweeter
Or could be neater.

Oscar dishes out vanilla,
On Saturday, he draws his pay;
After work he sneaks into the night,
Down the streets you'll hear him yell with fright:

"Help! The girls are after me!
Help! Don't let 'em capture me!
Curse my fatal beauty that all women crave!
They're driving me simple;
They'll ruin my dimple!

Help! Don't let 'em get at me!
Help before they turn my hair to gray!"
When they love him, they're so reckless.
"Look out, dear, you'll break my necklace!
Help me keep 'em away!"

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Published 3/23/99.


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