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He's a Good Man to Have Around

    (M. Ager - J. Yellen; from Honky Tonk)

Transcribed from Dick Cherwin & His Orchestra; vocals by Billy Murray; recorded 9/27/1929.
From: Can't Help Lovin' That Man; Art Deco Columbia Legacy CK 52855.

He's not goodlookin', not handsome at all.
I couldn't tell you how he made me fall,
Ain't nothin' to him, but still and all,
He's a good man to have around.

He's not a stepper, can't even waltz,
In conversation, he stammers and halts;
Poor little sweet man with all of his faults,
He's a good man to have around.

Oh, sometimes I fly off the lid;
"Go this minute!" I shout,
But if he did,
I would die without him!

He's not exactly my idea of
The perfect lover from heaven above,
But what's the difference? The man you love
Is a good man to have around.

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Published 3/25/99.


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