Heptune presents:

Honey in the Bee Ball

Photograph of Louis Jordan.

    (Louis Jordan)

Transcribed from Louis Jordan's Elks Rendezvous Band, vocal by Louis Jordan, recorded December 20, 1938.
From Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five, 1934-1940; The Chronogical Classics, 636.

Honey in the bee ball,
I can't see ya'll,
All here!
It's a game the kids play,
Underneath the southern moon.

Honey in the bee gum,
I can't see none,
Hey, kid!
It's the last line they say,
When they're gonna find you soon!

It's a little hunting game;
I'm gonna hunt for you
No matter where you go;
It's my specialty,
I'm gonna find you
Then you can never hide no more!

Oh, honey in the bee ball,
Now I see ya'll,
And I don't mean maybe,
Now I'll have to hunt no more!

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Published 8/14/99.


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