Heptune presents:

I Can't Do Without His Love

    (Phil Dooley)

Transcribed from Joe Haymes & His Orchestra; vocals by Phil Dooley; recorded 6/23/1933.
From: Can't Help Lovin' That Man; Art Deco Columbia Legacy CK 52855.

***This is a take-off of Alberta Hunter's subject matter and style.***

Oh, the longer you live, Oh, the longer you live,
Less you know about love; Less you know about love;
Is my story old? Is my story old?
Then you will be told, Then you will be told,
That I can't do without love!

My man is lazy, there is no doubt,
I must be crazy the way I shout,
He treats me like a slave,
What good does it do to rave?

I can't do without love!
I know in due time I'll lose my mind,
'Cause he's a good man that's hard to find;
This world's no place for me,
Because I am not free,
I can't do without his love!

'Cause, he says he can't get a job;
And he tells me that work is slack;
But I works like an Indian squaw
With a papoose on my back;

I'm just a victim of depression, days,
And he's got those depression ways,
I'm like a cow tied to a tree,
What I need is sympathy,
'Cause I can't do without love!

Spoken: Oh, play that thing, boy, play it for me, I need sympathy! Oh, blow it, boy, you can really blow that thing! Sing it like you would for a sobbing sister.

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Published 3/25/99.


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