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I Don't Love Nobody So I Don't Have No Blues


Transcribed from vocals by Edna Hicks, 12/23;
From Edna Hicks, Hazel Meyers, Laura Smith: Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, vol.2: 1923-1927; Document Records, DOCD-5432

I never let another man fool me;
I've been as worried as a girl could be;
I've been between the devil and the deep blue sea.
But now my heart's just like a stone;
I'll tell the king upon his throne,
That I don't love nobody, nobody under the sun.

I don't love nobody, so I don't have no blues;
I'm just a dancing dame,
Who's through with the loving game;
I don't need nobody
To tell my troubles to,
'Cause I'm through
Falling to
Lazy papas like I used to do.

I don't love nobody;
I want the world to know,
When I'm with a fellow,
It's simply for making a show;
I keep a fellow spending 'til his money's gone.
And tell tell him that he's nothing but a pure greenhorn,

I don't love nobody, so I don't have no blues;
I wouldn't be so cool to the men, but see,
I used to love a man who made a fool of me;
So, I don't love nobody, so I don't have no blues.

Published 7/26/99.

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