Heptune presents:

I Heard

    (Don Redman, Irving Mills)

Transcribed from Don Redman and His Orchestra, vocals by Don Redman; recorded October 15, 1931.
From Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1931-1933; The Chronological Classics 543.
Photo of Don Redman
Man, I heard something,
It was really something, too.
But, they wasn't talking to me,
I just happened to be standing around and heard.
Yeah, I heard,
Mmmm, and what I heard!
You know, they didn't buzz to me,
I just happened to hear it.
You know, uh, Pigmeat said, that Salty said,
But Salty didn't say where she got it,
They come round and said, uh,
It was really a mess, though.
I musn't say too much about it,
But I only heard, you know!
Yeah! I heard!

"Say, Don, they tell me you got some scandal going on."
I got a little scandal, man,
I got this way out west.
Ah, but I ain't gonna say anything about it.
I heard it, you know.
"Well, come on, tell me a little about it."
No, no, no, no, sorry!
'Cause, uh, I don't want the scandal to get out, see,
You know, she says she couldn't hear so well.
She was kinda quiet.
Boy, but if it ever got out, there'd be an awful riot!
"Well, come on, tell me about it!"
No, no,
No,'cause I don't know whether you'd talk or not, you see.
And if this ever get out, it would be too bad,
When I only heard it, see?

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Published 3/9/99.


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