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I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby


Transcribed from Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, recorded March 9, 1931.
From Cab Calloway and His Orchestra 1930-1931; The Chronogical Classics 516.

I'm the world's most happy creature,
Tell me, what can worry me?
I'm crazy 'bout my baby,
And my baby's crazy 'bout me!

Mr. Cupid was our teacher,
That's the reason we agree,
I'm crazy 'bout my baby,
And my baby's crazy 'bout me!

Parson, get your book out,
Get it ready in your hand,
Keep a steady look-out;
'Cause I know you understand.

We're an A-one combination,
The perfect he and she,
I'm crazy 'bout my baby,
And my baby's crazy 'bout me!

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Published 12/5/98.


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