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Just a Crazy Song


Transcribed from Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys, recorded March 27, 1931.
From Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys, 1925-1935; The Chronogical Classics 783.

Hi-hi-hi!  Hi-hi-hi?
Ho-de-ho-de-ho! Ho-de-ho-de-ho?

Spoken: Say, Blanche, what is wrong?

Spoken: Nothing, boy!
It's just a crazy song!

Hi-hi-hi! Hi-hi-hi!
Ho-de-ho-de-ho! Ho-de-ho-de-ho!
(Growls like a trumpet)
Ain't this a crazy song! Just a crazy song!
(Growls like a trumpet)
Boys, you can't go wrong. You can't go wrong!

Now, ain't nothin' to the crazy words
Of this crazy hymn;
Keep chirpin' all you crazy birds,
Gotta keep your voices trim!
Ain't this a crazy song! Just a crazy song!

Daddy, I could be your slave,
If you'd only give me just what I crave;
I want some -- you know what I mean!
So, come on, let's misbehave!

Now, if you wanna see me through,
Baby, here's what you must do:
Oh, you're a wow!
Aw, do it now,
Oh, good and strong,
You gotta make me cry,
Oh, you know how,
Oh, give it now,
Oh, you can't go wrong.

Now, I get so hot and bothered when
You start foolin' 'round;
Oh, can't you see the fix I'm in?
Gotta turn my damper down.
Oh, yes indeedery!
That boy's from the beanery!
Oh, wow, wow,
Just a crazy song!

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Published 2/26/99.


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