Heptune presents:

Lost Love

    (Andy Razaf and Fats Waller)

Transcribed from Fats Waller and His Rhythm, vocals by Fats Waller; recorded 6/11/37;
From An Introduction to Fats Waller: His Best Recordings 1928 - 1942; Best of Jazz, 4006.
Photograph of Fats Waller by Michael Lipskin.

Lost love,
Where can you be?
Lost love,
Come back to me.
Lost love,
Guess I atone,
Lost love,
I'm so alone.

I know,
That I've been wrong,
I've known
It all along,
And so
A fool is wise,
I've grown
To realize:

Old love is true love,
Safer than new love,
New love is subject to change;
I'm paying now, dear,
For each broken vow, how strange.
How strange.

Lost love,
I've been so blue;
Lost love,
The sun won't shine;
The day I find
My love,
Lost love divine.

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Published 10/9/99.

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