Heptune presents:

Louisiana Liza

    (Stein-Blanche Calloway)

Transcribed from Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys, recorded November 6, 1935.
From Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys, 1925-1935; The Chronogical Classics 783.
Photo of Blanche Calloway
Now, who's the gal that's got sweet kisses?
Filled with honey and delicious?
Hits them all and never misses?
Louisiana Liza!

Now who's the gal the boys all cry for?
Cross their heart and swear they'd die for?
Tell the truth and sometimes lie for?
Louisiana Liza!

This Southern maid, I'm afraid, is sure to make you fall,
She knows her stuff, calls your bluff, and brother, that ain't all!

Who's the gal makes your heart grow fonder,
So you never want to wander,
A little gal from 'way down yonder,
Louisiana Liza!

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Published 2/27/99.

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