Heptune presents:

Love For Sale

    (Cole Porter; from The New Yorkers)

Transcribed from The Hotchkiss Dance Orchestra; vocals by The Kissing Bandits; recorded 4/1//1931.
From: Can't Help Lovin' That Man; Art Deco Columbia Legacy CK 52855.

***This is a particularly beautiful rendition of the song, with tight minor key harmonies.***

Love for sale,
Appetizing young love for sale,
Love that's fresh and still unspoiled,
Love that's only slightly soiled,
Love for sale!

Who will buy?
Who would like to sample our supply?
Who's prepared to pay the price
For a trip to paradise?
Love for sale!

Let the poets pipe of love,
In their childish way,
We know every type of love,
Better far than they;
If you want the thrill of love,
We've been through the mill of love,
Old love, new love,
Every love but true love!

Love for sale!
Appetizing young love for sale,
If you want to buy our wares,
Follow us and climb the stairs;
Love for sale!

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Published 3/25/99.

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