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    (Gordon, Rich, from the film "Pointed Shoes")

Transcribed from vocals by Helen Kane, recorded 10/29/1929,
From Helen Kane, the Original 'Boop-Boop a-Doop' Girl: Great Original Performances 1928 - 1930; Robert Parker's Classic Years in Digital Stereo, Louisiana Red Hot Records, RPCD-323,
Photograph of Helen Kane CD.

Some girls keep their sweeties guessing,
But I am different, I'm confessing
That I'm crazy over you!
Oh, I admit that you're my big moment;
I never knew what a steady beau meant,
Till you came my way;
Now, listen while I say:

Ain'tcha kinda glad? And ain'tcha kinda gay?
When you hear me say I loves ya,
Oh, tell me, baby, ain'tcha?

And don't you kinda miss, a little bit of bliss,
When a hug or kiss I gives ya!
Oh, tell me, baby, don'tcha?

Pretty soon, there'll be a honeymoon,
And to the preacher we will go,
And in a year, maybe, honey dear,
We'll have a boop-boop-a-doop, boop-boop-a-doop!

Oh! Ain'tcha kinda glad? And ain'tcha kinda gay?
When you hear me say I loves ya,
Oh, tell me, baby, ain'tcha?

And didn't you used to say, that on some future day,
That you'd buy lingerie for your little baby, huh?
Oh, tell me, baby, didn'tcha?

And can't you take me, please, down to Tiffany's,
And buy some rings and things for your little baby, hmmm?
Oh, tell me, honey, can'tcha?

Now, if you don't then I'll get mad and I won't be nice and sweet to you,
You know what I'll do? I'll get the blues,
Then I'll refuse to boop-boop-a-doop, boop-boop-a-doop!

Oh, when everything is set, ain'tcha gonna get,
A parlor, kitchenette and twin beds, no?
Oh, tell me, baby, ain'tcha?

And ain'tcha willingly gonna neck with me,
'Cause it's plain to see that I loves ya!
Oh, tell me, baby, bop-op-e-dop-a-da, ain'tcha?

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Betty Boop sings this song in the cartoon, "The Limited."

Published 4/1/00.


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