Heptune presents:

Ain't Gonna Give You None of My Jellyroll

    (Williams and Williams)

Transcribed from Clarence Williams and His Orchestra, vocals by Clarence Williams, recorded 8/14/34;
From Clarence Williams, 1934; Chronological Classics 891.

I ain't gonna give nobody none of this jellyroll,
I wouldn't give you a piece of this cake to save your soul!
Oh, my ma told me today,
Before she went away, oh, baby,
"Be a good boy!" She'd bring me some toys,
You know I'm her heart and pride and joy;
Ain't no use for you to go on hanging around,
You know I love you well, but I gotta turn you down,
Turn you down,
Oh, my jellyroll is sweet, and it sure is hard to beat.
Oh, I know you want it, but you ain't gonna get it.
I ain't gonna give you none.

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Published 3/20/00.

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