Heptune presents:

All American Girl

Transcribed from vocals by George Olsen and His Orchestra; recorded September 2, 1932;
From College Rhythm: Hot Dance Band Classics 1927-1934; Memphis Archives, MA7021.

Let us sing about one without a doubt,
Sweetest girl in the land,
Football is her middle name,
Hardly misses any game!

Wears the colors of all the schools we love,
Gee, but she's in demand,
Has a corner on beaus,
Almost everyone knows:

She's got a halfback at Pennsylvania,
She's got a quarterback at Yale as well,
She corresponds with an end at Centre,
And a center at Cornell.

She wears the pin of a guard at Harvard,
A Stanford tackle has her in a whirl,
She's got a sweetheart at every college,
She's just an all American girl!

Maine, Wisconson, Indiana,
Illinois and Alabama,
North Dakota, South Dakota,
Duke and Georgia Tech.

Vanderbilt and Tennessee
And good old Washington and Lee,
And Michigan and Minnesota,
Soon I'll be a wreck.

Lovers you can see she has 'em far and near,
Come on, let's go, collegiates, give the gal a cheer!

Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Yay!

She knows a halfback at California,
She loves a quarterback at Notre Dame,
She threw a tackle at Alabama,
And a Dartmouth guard's her flame;

She goes to proms with an Army fullback,
A Navy center has her in a whirl,
She's got a sweetheart at every college,
She's just an all American girl!


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Published 6/2/00.

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