Heptune presents:

Black and Blue

    (Fats Waller, Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf)

Transcribed from vocals by Blanche Calloway with Ruben "River" Reeves and His River Boys, recorded August 13, 1929,
From Ruben Reeves: The Complete Vocalions 1928-1933; Timeless Records, CBC 1-039 Jazz.
Photo of Blanche Calloway
Cold, empty bed,
Springs hard as lead,
Pains in my head,
Feel like Old Ned,
What did I do
To be so black and blue?

No joy for me,
No company,
Even a mouse
Ran from my house;
All my life through,
I've been so black and blue.

I'm white, inside;
It don't help my case;
'Cause I can't hide
What is on my face.

I'm so forlorn,
Life's just a thorn,
My heart is torn;
Why was I born?
What did I do
To be so black and blue?

How sad I am,
Each day I feel worse;
My mark of Ham
Seems to be a curse.

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Published 3/1/01.


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