Heptune presents:

Born to Swing

    (Lil Hardin Armstrong, Avon)
Photograph of Lil Hardin Armstrong

Transcribed from Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra, recorded April 15, 1937,.
From Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra, 1936-1940, Chronological Classics,  vol. 564.

Born to dance? No!
Born to prance? No!
Born to sing? No!
Well, you must be born to swing! Yeah!
I'm just an ordinary gal, that was born to swing!

Now all the gals on Park Avenue have a high-brow song to sing,
But I'll stay here on Lennox Avenue, where I was born to swing.
Now, some folks got plenty money, some folks got philosophy,
But I've got good old swing, and it's good enough for me!
So with a song on my lips, and rhythm in my hips,
I can't go wrong, having my fling,
'Cause I was born to swing!

When I was a baby, maw used to sing lullabies and nursery themes,
But I never stopped crying, believe it or not,
Till maw starting swinging and gettin' real hot!
Old man river can roll along, pick cotton with Georgia reams,
But I'll roll my eyes and pick cute guys,
'Cause I was born to swing!

Now, Cleopatra used the jive in Rome,
Got the same kind of jive right here at home!
The smoother, faster, for streamlined feet,
Hear the bold little tune and follow my lead,
I'm just an ordinary gal that was born to swing!

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Published 1/3/99.


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