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Daddy, You've Got Everything

Transcribed from vocals by Mary Dixon, acc. by Ed Allen and James C. Johnson, recorded March 20, 1929;
From Them Dirty Blues, Mojo 303.

Take me, Daddy, on your knee,
Tell me what you think of me,
Hug me, Papa, till I frown,
Make my kindness tumble down;
Mmm, Daddy, you've got everything!

Make me throw my hands up high,
Feel so good I want to die,
Take your time with what you do,
Make me cry for more of you;
Mmm, Daddy, you've got everything!

[Growling scat]

When I'm feeling awful blue,
There ain't nothing I won't do,
There ain't nothin' I can't stand,
I'm as much woman as you are man;
Mmm, Daddy, you've got everything!

Kiss me till I feel the sting,
Make me want to shake that thing,
Give me everything and how,
If you're a man then show it now;
Mmm, Daddy, you've got everything!

Honey, we can dim the light,
Mmm, make believe we're out tonight;
Oh, run your hand all through my hair,
Mmm, the sky's the limit, and I don't care;
Mmm, Daddy, you've got everything!
I mean, everything!

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Published 3/1/01.


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