Heptune presents:

Deep River Blues

Transcribed from vocals by Rosa Henderson, recorded 10/1924.
From Rosa Henderson: Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, vol. 3 (1924-1926), Document Records, DOCD-5403.

Deep river! Deep river!
Mississippi River, so deep and wide;
My heart is breakin' as I watch the evenin'tide,
Because I'm over here; my man is on the other side.

If I had the means,
I'd go to New Orleans,
But right at this time I ain't got a dime to spare.

Deep river! Deep river!
When I feel weary I come to you,
I come and see, the side he went,
I'm feelin' blue;
'Cause you're the only one that I can tell my troubles to.

At the break of day,
You'll find me gone away,
There's no one to care or wanna know where I'm gone.

Deep river blues!
I can't refuse
Your sweet melody,
I'll always be
By your side when evenin'tide comes 'long!

Deep river! Deep river!
When I sleep beside you, I never fear;
You'll always be, you need to be
A friend so dear,
And if you see my man, please tell him that it's lonesome here!

If I get the blues,
Then I'll take off my shoes,
I'll look to the Lord and jump overboard and drown.

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Published 6/3/00.

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