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Do That Thing

    (Sidney Bechet)

Transcribed from Fletcher Henderson and his Club Alabam Orchestra, from vocals by Rosa Henderson, recorded May 28, 1924.
From Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra, 1924, vol. 2; The Chronological Classics, 657.

Do that thing!
You just take me from home;
Just like the Teapot Dome,
Check your seat , give their key,
Make me like it and you won your E!

Prove that hot,
Move your shoulders
Till they get red-hot!
You've got to work out of hand,
You're just my kind of man,

Hot coffee!
Get off them grounds!

Go it stiff,
You done won you a home,
Just like the Greeks took Rome,
On your knees, you have won with ease;
Take me, please!

Oh, Papa!
Just like a house mop;
You've cleaned up, come get your pork chop!
You can't sing,
But you don't have to when you do that thing!

Oh, Papa!
You throwed a seven;
Don't choke 'em, bring me eleven.
You can't sing,
But you don't have to when you do that thing!

Go on, Fletcher, do that thing!
Jump, rooster, here comes your hen!

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Published 1/29/00.

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