Heptune presents:

Freddy the Freshman

Transcribed from vocals by Gene Kardos and His Orchestra; recorded November 13, 1931;
From College Rhythm: Hot Dance Band Classics 1927-1934; Memphis Archives, MA7021.

Freddy the Freshman, we stand by!

Who's got all the girlies chasing him around?
Freddy the Freshman, the freshest kid in town!

Now, who wrecks all the parties, and turns them upside-down?
Freddy the Freshman, the freshest kid in town!

He plays the ukulele, he plays the saxophone,
And the pretty babies just won't leave him alone!

Who got bounced at Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Brown?
Freddy the Freshman, the freshest kid in town!

Alpha! Beta! Gamma!  Have a piece of pie,
Boola! Boola! Boola!  The goose is hanging high.

Alpha! Delta! Skelta!  Latin is the bunk!
Have a cup of coffee!  And let those donuts dunk!

Oh, here's to old Virginia, Ohio and Purdue,
And here's to you, professor! A great big kiss for you!

Beta! Theta! Kappa!  Let's pass the cake around,
To Freddy the Freshman, the freshest kid in town!

Boola, boola, he goes to school-a
Just to foola, he loves to foola,
Sarsaparilla, sinfronella,
He's a swell-a, swell-a fella!

Rah! Rah! Yah-ta-ta! That's his college yell,
Baggy pants, crazy dance, it's Freddy; can't you tell?

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Published 7/22/01.

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