Heptune presents:

Get It Fixed

(Clarence Williams)

Transcribed from vocals by Rosa Henderson, recorded 3/20/25.
From Rosa Henderson: Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, vol. 3 (1924-1926), Document Records, DOCD-5403.

Papa, papa, let me tell to you,
Daddy, daddy, here's what you must do:
When you come around me, precious turtle dove,
Better come here ready if you want to win my love!

Get it fixed! Sweet papa!
Get it fixed, to treat me proper,
Don't come 'round tellin' me a lot of lies,
'Cause a lyin' man I do despise!
Get it fixed! I am screaming,
I'm onto all your tricks,
I don't want no messing 'round with my sweet love,
So Daddy, get it fixed!

Papa, papa, better do your stuff!
Daddy, daddy, but don't be too rough,
Mama wants some lovin' kisses right away,
Want 'em when I want 'em; come on, honey, don't delay!

Get it fixed! Please, papa,
Get it fixed, you lovely papa;
Don't make me think you've got a lot of dough,
If you ain't got nothin', please tell me so!
Get it fixed! Don't fool me!
Don't get your dates all mixed,
I won't stand no leavings if you win my love,
So Daddy, get it fixed!

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Published 6/3/00.

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